Intensives are full-day, participatory educational events that allow us to get deeper into the important stuff.

The Heart of Dominance Daylong

The Heart of Dominance intensive follows the key insights from the book The Heart of Dominance, exploring the foundation of what it takes to dominate ethically and well. It is an ideal starting point for anyone beginning to explore practicing dominance, and also appropriate for more experienced folks who want to work on their fundamentals.

Next Heart of Dominance

Sunday , July 16th, 2023

Sacramento, California


The Power&Intimacy intensive is built for couples and polycules that are in consensual power relationships, or want to add consensual power dynamics to their relationships. It will help you and your partner(s) enhance your understanding of one another’s desires, deepen trust, navigate common pitfalls that too often derail a power relationship, and take your next step together.

Next Power&Intimacy

Saturday, May 6th, 2023

Oakland, California