Join Anton and Ann Fulmen for a full-day intensive exploration of consensual power exchange relationships. 

Whether you are just beginning to explore consensual power exchange in your relationship or want to make an established dynamic even better, the Power & Intimacy retreat will help you  and your partner(s) enhance your understanding of one another’s desires, deepen trust, navigate common pitfalls that too often derail a power relationship, and take your next step together.

We’ve designed the retreat for partners to participate in together. You won’t be just sitting there listening to us talk about our power relationship; you’ll be engaging with your own unique relationship, supported by peers who understand the challenges and the rewards of intentionally taking and surrendering control between intimate partners.

This is not a class on kink techniques like whipping or rope bondage. There will be no nudity, play or demos. The dress code is regular street clothes.

All genders, orientations and relationship styles welcome.


Power exchange is rooted in our positive, passionate desire to dominate and submit. Each person’s desire is different: we want different flavors of power exchange, for different reasons. Often we feel vulnerability and even shame around our desires, making it challenging to speak them aloud. Sometimes our desires feel confusing or contradictory, or we wonder whether they might be unethical or unhealthy.

We’ll create a safe and supportive environment in which to delve into our power exchange desires. We’ll improve our self-understanding, our ability to put the essence of what we want into words, and our ability to share that understanding with our partners.

To translate desire into reality requires inspiration, whether for power exchange scenes or for the specific rules or customs that will be part of an ongoing power dynamic. Then, even with mutual desire and an idea of what we’re going to do together, we still have to actually do it. Making the emotional transition from our workaday default state to feeling the immediate and tangible presence of control and surrender is a skill all its own.

We’ll explore how our desires and our partners’ desires can overlap and feed one another. We’ll share ideas for the concrete practice of power exchange, and learn how to create and maintain emotional energy for dominance and submission.

Power exchange is only one aspect of our multifaceted lives. There are always other interests, priorities and responsibilities competing for our attention, time and energy. It’s common to encounter conflicts between how much priority different partners want to give to power exchange, or between how we prioritize power exchange in our fantasies vs. how much attention we have to give it in our daily reality.

We’ll make an honest assessment of how we want to prioritize power exchange among the other important things in our lives, and learn ways to make more space to enjoy our dynamics by integrating them into our daily routine.

Power&Intimacy is held near the San Francisco Bay Area.

Space in the retreat is limited and always fills.

To apply, every member of your couple or polycule must fill out the online application.

Power&Intimacy is a relationship retreat where a majority of the day is filled with activities for partners to do together; it simply does not work to attend without at least one partner.

About the Facilitators

Power & Intimacy is co-facilitated by Anton Fulmen and his partner, Ann. Anton is the author of Heart of Dominance and The Dominance Playbook, as well as dozens of articles on kink, sexuality, and power exchange. Ann Fulmen is a professional workshop facilitator who has been part of kink community for a decade and has been co-facilitating kink workshops with Anton since 2016.