The Heart of Dominance Daylong Intensive

This full-day interactive workshop gets to the heart of what it takes to be great at consensual dominance.

Facilitated by the author of The Heart of Dominance, and roughly following the key insights from that book, we will improve our understanding and acceptance of our dominant desires, learn to invite submission by creating secure containers for our partner’s submissive needs, and practice skills for building the kind of intimate connection that keeps power exchange strong and encourages it to grow deeper.

This intensive is an ideal starting point for anyone beginning to explore practicing dominance, and also appropriate for more experienced folks who want to work on their fundamentals. The skills and insights are applicable to exercising consensual, intimate authority in any context, from short scenes to long term relationships.

"I can't recommend this course enough. Tons of eye opening content. No matter what your experience level: do it!

Class of January 2023

As a gender-queer switch, I was wary of being in a room full of Doms for a day, but I loved it. Lots of interaction, guided reflection and great information. So many of the things I want in my play, and from Doms I play with.

Class of January 2023

It was a great complement to the book!

Class of January 2023

This is a highly participatory experience. Much of the agenda consists of participants sharing with one another, working together to generate ideas, and practicing connection skills. Come prepared to actively engage with the material, with the presenters and with your fellow participants—it isn’t the kind of event where you can sit silently in the back!

The Heart of Dominance Daylong is for anyone with a sincere, personal interest in learning to competently wield authority over consenting partners, whether you identify as “a dominant” or as a switch or as anything else. Participants of all genders and orientations are warmly welcome.

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  • Sunday, July 16th, 2023
  • 10:00am – 6:00pm


  • Private venue near Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA
  • ADA Accessible

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  • The suggested ticket price is $100/person, with a sliding scale from $75 to $125. If you can comfortably afford to purchase tickets at the higher end of the range, please do⁠—that’s what enables us to offer lower priced tickets and make the intensive more accessible for people with less disposable income.
  • Lunch is not included.
  • Limited scholarships are available for those for whom the low end of the sliding scale is inaccessible. Contact anton@consensualdominance.com for details.


  • Vaccination including at least one booster is required. Proof of vaccination will be checked at the beginning of the event.
  • Masking will not be required during the event.
  • Anyone feeling at all ill in the days before the event will receive a full refund and our deep appreciation for their integrity in bowing out.
  • All participants must take a (provided) rapid antigen test upon arrival. Anyone who tests positive will receive a full refund and our sincerest regrets, and will not be able to participate