"A thoughtful, careful approach to creating an electrifying erotic connection with another person—useful not just for a beginner just exploring this aspect of sexuality, but for the person well into their kink journey."
"Absolutely the best, most grounded book I've read on the topic of consensual dominance and submission. If I'd had this book a quarter century ago, it would have saved me (and my partners!) untold frustration."

For many people, FetLife is their primary access point to the world of kink, but though Fet is a fire hose of sexy images, dirty fantasies and fetish-filled user profiles, it can be exceedingly difficult to reach through the screen and make a human connection. This pay-what-you-choose ebook is your guide to leveraging FetLife in your search for love, play, community and kinky fulfillment.

Online Education

Ready to take your power relationship to a deeper, stronger, more intimate level? Power&Intimacy Online is a relationship-building workshop for power exchange couples and tuples. 

These courses, offered through the Thinkific platform, can be taken on your own schedule, from the privacy of your home.

In-Person Intensives

Intensives are full-day, participatory educational events that let us get deeper into the important stuff about how to make your consensual power exchange hotter, stronger, healthier and more fulfilling.


Classroom learning can be a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the wisdom, perspectives and support of a whole room full of people who are as passionate about the subject as you are. It’s especially valuable on taboo topics like kink, where opportunities for frank conversations with others are relatively uncommmon.

I love facilitating workshops on power exchange related topics. Click through to see descriptions of some of my favorite programs, and please reach out if you’re interested in having me come teach in your community.


A workshop full of tools


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