New Book: The Dominance Playbook

When I published The Heart of Dominance, I wasn’t sure if anyone other than few friends was going to buy it. Finding out the answer to that question was one of my reasons for wanting to publish.

I think about power exchange a lot. Like: a lot. I had all these ideas and explanations and lessons-learned rattling around in my head, but were they really broadly applicable, or was it all just the way things worked for me? What better way to find out than putting a bunch of it into a book and seeing if other people found it useful?

In the months after its release, I was selling twenty or so copies a month: not exactly a blockbuster, but definitely more than just my friends. The reviews were quite validating, and I felt happy to see that people were recommending the book to their own friends.

Over the couple of years it’s been out, that word-of-mouth marketing has snowballed. Nowadays THoD is selling about a hundred fifty copies a month, and I’m proud to say I think I can call myself a successful kink author.

Now, I’m excited to have my second book about to be released.

THoD focuses on the fundamentals of how power exchange works and how to create a healthy and intense dynamic. I had space to address specific techniques and power exchange practices a little bit, but not nearly as much as I wanted to.

The Dominance Playbook: ways to play with power in scenes and relationships builds on the foundation of THoD. It has a section on ways to make a power exchange scene flow smooth and go deep (applicable to any kind of kink scene, really), a section on how to build a long-term power relationship and keep it thriving over the years, and then eighteen chapters on eighteen different kinds of things that you might want do with a power dynamic once you’ve established one: from punishment to sexual objectification to domestic service.

The Dominance Playbook is being published by Greenery Press, scheduled for release on April 1, and available for preorder on Amazon now!