Owning a Cuckquean in a Pandemic

(a fantasy)

“I am so tired of this pandemic,” I tell her. “It feels like forever since I’ve made love to a woman.”

That gets me her full attention. She says, “I’m sorry, Sir,” though she sounds more excited than sympathetic.

“You damn well should be. Do you have any idea how unsatisfying it is just masturbating in your worthless pussy week after week?”

“I wish I could be better for you sir,” she replies in a small, wretched voice.

One of my favorite things about this kind of trip I’m taking her on is that the more turned on she gets, the more deeply she’ll believe that she really is fundamentally undesirable. And the more deeply she believes, the more turned on she’ll get. It’s deliciously fucked up, and it’s like an express elevator straight to a brain-melting orgasm for her. If I let her have one.

“Don’t bother,” I say, waving a dismissive hand in her general direction. “You being a decent lay is way too much to wish for. What you should be wishing for is a fast and effective vaccine rollout; so that I can date freely again. 

“You know I don’t even mind jerking off in you sometimes, so long as it’s between dates with better lovers.” I give her a patronizing pat on the head. “It makes me appreciate them even more.”

“Yes, Sir. I can’t wait for you to have a real sex life again, Sir. So you have something better to look forward to whenever you do use me.” She’s really into it now: eagerly elaborating on her own humiliation.

“You know…” I act like I’ve just had an idea, though this is exactly what I was planning from the start. “Wide-scale vaccination is on the horizon. Maybe it’s time to at least start thinking about dating again.”

She’s squirming now. She knows I’m going somewhere with this and she’s ready to be taken to wherever that may be.

“You go get on Fetlife and look up some women in our area who say they’re looking for play partners and who’ve posted really sexy pictures⁠—you know what I like.”

“Yes, Sir. Real women. Not like me,” she pants.

“Exactly, sweetie. Then you can get down on all fours, I’ll balance the laptop on your back, and I’ll use you while I look through and think about who I might like to reach out to.”

“Yes, Sir!” She’d have bounded off for the laptop already if my hand wasn’t still holding the back of her head, keeping her face pointed at mine while I give her her degrading orders.

“If I’m happy with your choices, I’ll let you use your vibrator while I tell you all the ways that each one of them is sexier than you are.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’m so lucky that you find ways to make using my worthless holes interesting.” She’s practically vibrating already.

“Yes, girl. You certainly are.” I send her on her way with an affectionate slap on the ass, and I go to get some towels. We’re going to need them.

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